October 29, 2007

Supply tightness is being experienced in the passive sector

The market for general ICs also remains unchanged since our September Market INsights update, with the exception of some increased supply tightness in the passive sector, where some high CV caps are once again experiencing extended lead times.

The following parts may be experiencing shortages and delays in the following areas:

- Converge is still observing spot shortages in the MPC family of Freescale processors, especially with the MPC 8260, 8270, 7410, 860, and 755 models.

- The availability of the TI/Burr Brown INA, OPA, and DAC family of op-amps remains tight.

- Some Broadcom part numbers remain in short supply, such as BCM5708 and BCM5241. The lead time for Broadcom parts has increased to 12–16 weeks, compared to the 8–10 weeks previously reported.

- Converge has experienced an increase in inquires for Intersil devices over the past week. Lead times have extended to 12 weeks, from 6–8 weeks earlier. Part numbers in demand include ISL6612, ISL6310, ISL6526, and ISL6566.

In Asia, demand has slowed due to China’s Golden Week holidays. The market is currently experiencing supply tightness on passive components such as capacitors; however, buyers are conservative on pricing and are unwilling to pay a premium on the open market.

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