December 26, 2007

General IC Update: Some minor shortages and delays are being experienced

The following parts may be experiencing shortages and delays in the following areas:

  • There continues to be some activity on Tantalum and High CV capacitors, as spot shortages – which are customer or demand driven – remain across some part numbers. However, we do not consider these shortages to be broad-based.

  • We are still experiencing requests for Freescale processors in both the leaded and the lead-free versions – with most of the activity on the higher-end host processors. We are also still seeing steady demand on older technology 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers. These parts have been in use for years, and Freescale has recently removed some debits, which has increased the pricing. Even with the higher pricing, it is anticipated that most customers still will not migrate to the newer technologies.

  • Lead times for Microsemi military diodes appear to be worsening. Product is very difficult to procure, and many customers are experiencing shortages.

  • Times remain long and customers are still facing shortages on TI Op Amps.

Memory Update: No sign of change in the DRAM market

As anticipated, there is no sign of change in the DRAM spot market, with 512M 667s trading in the $8.50–$10 range and 1GIG 667s trading around $17.

As 2007 draws to a close, there appears to be no possibility for any positive market change to occur in the remaining weeks, with the market heading toward a slow period when consumption usually decreases after the holidays. Converge believes the market will remain in oversupply at least through Q1 of 2008 and possibly through Q2. There are no signs of any turnaround in the near future, and generally Q1 of every New Year is considered a slow season. These factors will only add to the oversupply.

December 3, 2007

General IC Update: A look at current shortages and delays

The following parts may be experiencing shortages and delays in the following areas:

  • Ceramic capacitor supply has tightened significantly over the last several weeks. Shortages are primarily with high CV caps across multiple manufacturers.

  • Tantalum capacitors have also experienced a slight increase in demand, primarily as an alternative to ceramics that are in short supply. After the tantalum shortage of 1999–2000, many manufacturers switched to ceramic capacitors. The increase in tantalum capacitor demand may signify a deeper issue within the ceramic capacitor supply chain.

  • Freescale processors in the MC and MPC family are still experiencing spot shortages, with some extended lead times.

  • Microsemi military diodes (JAN, JANT and JANTX) are still short, with lead times on some parts more than 60 weeks.

  • TI/Burr Brown Op Amps are still short, with many Analog Devices crosses also becoming short.