December 3, 2007

General IC Update: A look at current shortages and delays

The following parts may be experiencing shortages and delays in the following areas:

  • Ceramic capacitor supply has tightened significantly over the last several weeks. Shortages are primarily with high CV caps across multiple manufacturers.

  • Tantalum capacitors have also experienced a slight increase in demand, primarily as an alternative to ceramics that are in short supply. After the tantalum shortage of 1999–2000, many manufacturers switched to ceramic capacitors. The increase in tantalum capacitor demand may signify a deeper issue within the ceramic capacitor supply chain.

  • Freescale processors in the MC and MPC family are still experiencing spot shortages, with some extended lead times.

  • Microsemi military diodes (JAN, JANT and JANTX) are still short, with lead times on some parts more than 60 weeks.

  • TI/Burr Brown Op Amps are still short, with many Analog Devices crosses also becoming short.

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