January 22, 2008

CPU Update: Intel introduces upgraded CPUs

In January, Intel reduced the list price on a number of its active processors and introduced upgraded CPUs into the market at pricing similar to that of its predecessors. Typically, when new product releases and price drops occur at the same time, a period of market uncertainty is created within the OEMs, creating open-market demand. Although the Intel desktop Core 2 Duo E8190, E8200, E8400 and E8500 have been released into the market, the official launch date is listed as January 20, 2008.

These new CPUs, valued from $160 to $260, replace the similarly priced 1.86 GB E6320 through 3 GB E6850 models. Converge is currently receiving a great deal of inquiries for the new E8XXX series CPUs (although current availability remains tight) as well as the E6XXX series CPUs. Demand persists for the E6300, E6400 and E6750 models, provided they are delivered at standard pricing. We anticipate strong demand for both series through February, with little cost savings on the replaced stack.

Strong open-market demand for notebook processors continues, for trailing edge technology rather than current processors. For example, there has been demand for newly released CPU models such as the T8100 through T9500; however, requests also continue for older T7XXX, T2XXX and T5XXX series CPUs, with pricing roughly at standard published pricing.

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