February 18, 2008

Chinese New Year quiets IC market

The anticipated slowdown leading up to Chinese New Year arrived a little sooner than expected this year. There will be little movement in the industry until Asia returns to full force by the middle of February. We are currently tracking parts that might experience shortages and delays in the following areas:

- TI op amps, Freescale processors, and Microsemi military diodes continue to experience long lead times.
- Some high-CV capacitors are still seeing spot shortages, as are some of the "run of the mill" ceramic caps.
- Lead times on Kemet tantalum capacitors are extending, and there is an increase in demand for AVX tantalum caps.
- Pressure on Cypress microcontrollers and clock drivers seems to have abated somewhat.
- We are tracking some spot shortages on Fairchild and Maxim devices.
- We see continued shortages of Broadcom parts, especially the Serverworks chips.
- There are continuing inquiries for Qualcomm mobile phone chip sets from Asian mobile phone makers, confirming a slight upturn in mobile phone demand.

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