June 18, 2008

General IC Update

Converge tracks pricing and supply trends for a number of CPU product lines in the global spot market. The following are activities we are currently tracking:

  • Op amps, military diodes and connectivity devices that have been in shortage for months continue to have strong activity.
  • Many of the Pulse shortages to their transformers line, created by the earthquake in China, have been resolved. Initially there were about a dozen part numbers involved, however there are a few parts that remain in short supply with the lead free H1102NL and HX1188NL being the tightest. Currently Pulse is meeting deliveries for some customers while pushing out others.
  • Spot shortages appear to have calmed on high-CV capacitors including the 1.5 picofarad and higher Murata caps that were cycling every few weeks across multiple case sizes.
  • Freescale processors still appear to be the most active in the microprocessor market.
  • As anticipated, spot activity on TI DSPs and Altera PLDs did not turn into any significant issues last month. However, spot market activity on the Altera line appears to be a potential issue, which we are monitoring.

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