June 18, 2008

Storage Update

3.5” Drives
Although there are reports of high single-digit decreases in inventory week-over-week, the market remains in oversupply, while demand continues to decrease across all capacities. As a result, open-market pricing remains soft, with continued pricing declines in the higher-capacity IDE and SATA drives. Specifically, we are seeing pricing for 250GB, 400GB and 500GB HDDs in the low $40, $50 and $60 range, respectively, for a quantity of 400–800 units. Currently, there is minimal difference in prices between SATA and IDE HDDs of the same capacity and speed. We are also monitoring pricing declines in the lower capacities as 80GB units have dropped to the $27–$29 range and 160GB units to the $33–$35 range.

2.5” Drives
There has not been a significant change in the 2.5” market month-over-month. The SATA HDDs continue to move slowly, while open-market pricing trails IDE HDDs of the same capacity and speed by an average of $5. Meanwhile, the 2.5” IDE devices appear to be performing the best in the storage market. The 20GB through 80GB have moderate demand in both the 4200 RPM and 5400 RPM speeds. Open-market pricing has remained relatively stable, with only a $1–$2 decline on 60GB and 80GB capacities. The 60GB 5400 RPM units are priced in the $33–$35 range, and 80GB 5400 RPM in the $40–$42 range.

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