November 20, 2008

DRAM spot market opportunities should occur the week before Thanksgiving

Converge Memory Update
While it appears pricing has finally stabilized in the DRAM market, there are still no signs of demand. Contract pricing has caught up to pricing in the spot market and both are essentially at parity. 1 GIG 800s modules have been stable in the $9–$9.50 range for the past few weeks; 2 GIG 800s modules have settled around $18. Although pricing has leveled off, supply remains plentiful. Most vendors are open to offers, but the market has reached a point where pricing is no longer a factor because demand remains soft.

Due to the holiday in the United States at the end of November, Converge believes DRAM manufacturers will look to get an early start to move inventory for the month-end push. If there are going to be any spot market opportunities, they should occur the week before Thanksgiving.

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