November 20, 2008

Look for good buying opportunities in the IC market

Converge General IC Update

October was relatively active given the overall market conditions. While there were no major shortages in the market, there continue to be some spot shortages among various manufacturers. The one area that appears to be impacting customers the most is the series of Freescale PowerQUICC processors. Of that series, the MPC82xx seems to be the item that is causing the most problems. Many customers are experiencing issues, and lead times have been stretched out to 18–20 weeks.

Other products experiencing spot shortages include Micrel, NXP and some connectors. However, these shortages are not currently having a noticeable impact on the market.

We have been tracking some spot shortages on tantalum capacitors, but the activity is very sporadic. One area that has slowed a bit is military diodes. There was quite a bit of activity in this area over the past year, but it appears to have subsided.

Overall, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to overall global economic conditions as we head toward the end of the year. November and December are short months due to holidays and, with the economic slowdown, there could be forecast fluctuations. This could present some good buying opportunities in the market for customers taking advantage of market supply and pricing.

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