November 20, 2008

Spot market storage update

Converge Storage Update

3.5" Drives
The 3.5" market has been trending in the same direction month after month. Slow sales and inventory surpluses continue, which are contributing to additional price declines. This is most evident, but not limited to, the PATA interface. The result is compact pricing in the lower capacity HDDs, with only a few dollars separating the 80 GB through the 250 GB IDE HDDs. Further, it has been reported that direct pricing for the 750 GB drives has dropped to the low $90 range. The impact is being experienced in the higher capacity HDDs, specifically the 400 GB drives, where products can be found in the low $40 range on open-market excess buys.

2.5" Drives
The 2.5" market is falling in line with the 3.5" market. The once slower, eroding IDE interface is beginning to experience sharper price declines. The 40 GB drives are trading in the high $20 range, while the 80 GB capacity is in the mid-$30 range. Meanwhile, there are little if any speculative buys occurring in the SATA interface. There does remain part-specific demand and with that comes premium prices; otherwise, buyers are seeking aggressive price points to stock 2.5" SATA HDDs.

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