May 13, 2009

AMD Rides Again

Converge CPU Update.

The CPU market in April, if viewed against previous years, could be described as being steady with a seasonal calm in demand. However, Converge remains optimistic based on signs of a potential recovery and upswing in May and is encouraged by new opportunities that exist in the marketplace.

Mobile shortages drive demand.
Over the past several months, Converge has been tracking a clustering of demand around lower-priced processors. A shortage of mobile processors in the lower segment of budget CPUs resulted in increased demand for these processors on the spot market in recent weeks. T2390 and T3200 all the way up to T6600 models remain in short supply and high demand.

Rumors return of a tightening of desktop processors.
Several slightly older desktop microprocessors are rumored to become in short supply in May. This list includes E2200, E2220, E5200, E7400 and E8400 processors. The E7400 and E8400, at the time of writing of this update, remain the best-selling parts at a cost savings; however, we anticipate a tightening of supply heading into the summer months, driven by the traditional phasing out of older technology. In addition, due to a history over the past four summers of a burst of excess and obsolete shortage desktop activity, it is advisable to monitor this space carefully. Converge will monitor and report in future Market Insights updates.

Atoms are puzzling.
The spot market has not fully cracked the potential of the Intel Atom market. To date, demand is present; however, a surplus of large-quantity inexpensive excess has yet to emerge. We anticipate more customers will turn to the Netbook models, as it is sure to become an increasingly important open-market segment. For the short term, demand is maintaining pricing levels in the spot market.

AMD rides again.
AMD parts remain in demand in the spot market, especially for the mobile processor. In the past the Athlons, Semprons and Opterons provided good savings opportunities as AMD provided wildly differing prices, not only by region or country, but also by customer. The market has long since settled, but we do see opportunities existing in the new mobile range of Q, R and Z parts.

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