June 17, 2009

Shortage and allocation concerns reappear in storage market

Converge Storage Update.

3.5" Drives.
There has been little change in the 3.5" HDD market month over month. Demand remains steady for 250 GB through 1TB capacity. The $2-$3 price uptick reported in our last Market Insights update for 160 GB through 400 GB devices remains. Similarly, contract pricing on the 750 GB to 1TB capacities is static during the same period. Lastly, we are still seeing liquidity in the 40 GB, 80GB, and 120 GB IDE HDDs.

2.5" Drives.
The terms “shortage” and “allocation” are being widely used to characterize the 2.5" market outlook. As a result, demand remains high even as we approach the historically slowest HDD quarter of the year. Again, this is particularly true but not exclusive to the SATA interface in the 160 GB through the 320 GB range. Meanwhile, pricing for these capacities has increased by $1-$2 each since last month’s report. Finally, we continue to see regular part-specific service demand in all SATA capacities.

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