July 15, 2009

DDR3: Everybody wants you

Converge Memory Update.

According to the major DRAM manufacturers, DDR3 demand has been on the rise over the last two months and supply is limited. Sources claim that all DDR3 server DIMMs (dual in-line memory modules) are going directly to the Tier 1 OEMs as quickly as they can be manufactured, with lead times being quoted as far out as the end of October. This may not appear like a long time, but given the state of the memory market for the past two years, any talk of a lead time is big news. The lack of supply in the spot market confirms that parts are becoming scarce. While the DDR2 market remains flat, the DDR3 market is showing signs of life. Pricing is up about 15% to 20% over the last four weeks, and while there was no change in contract for DDR2, DDR3 pricing was up about 5%.

Converge anticipates that the DDR3 market will continue to show activity as we head into the busier build season. The notebook and desktop modules should also see a spike in demand in the coming months. Look for supply issues to occur with UDIMMs (unbuffered DIMMs) as well.

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