July 15, 2009

No significant shortages seen in 2.5" drives

Converge Storage Update.

3.5" Drives
There has been some price erosion in 500 GB through 1TB 3.5" HDDs since our last update. This is not due to a drop in contract prices, but is a result of lower demand coupled with excess opportunities in the marketplace. Meanwhile, demand for 160 GB, 250 GB and 400 GB has remained steady, with pricing unchanged month over month. This is true of both the SATA and IDE interface. Currently, only $2 to $3 separates the 160 GB from the 250 GB capacity. However, the difference between the 250 GB to the 400 GB level, the price jumps over $10 to the high-$30/low-$40 range. Lastly, we are still seeing liquidity in 40 GB, 80GB and 120 GB IDE HDDs.

2.5" Drives
While market analysts continue to speak about shortage and allocation when discussing the 2.5" market, we have not experienced a significant impact yet. We believe this will change in the near term, but for the July/August time frame, availability is expected to remain unchanged month over month. As stated previously, this is particularly true of, but not exclusive to, the SATA interface in the 160 GB through 320 GB range. Finally, activity in lower-capacity 2.5" IDE HDDs remains strong. This pertains to 20 GB to 80 GB capacities in both the 4200 RPM and 5400 RPM speeds. Pricing levels for these drives have not changed since our last report.

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