September 16, 2009

IC and semiconductor word of the day: shortages

Converge Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits Update.

Converge is currently tracking parts that might experience shortages and delays in the following areas:

  • Capacitor shortages continue with some Tantalum components but are frequently found with ceramic, which includes Murata, Yageo, Vishay, Sanyo, Kemet (Arcotronics) and AVX.
  • TI shortages are the most prevalent, with the primary line being the TPS series of controllers. However, Converge is also tracking Logic SN74 shortages as well. Some logic lead times have stretched from eight weeks to 18 weeks. TMS microcontrollers are still tight. These factors could lead to most TI lines being affected in varying degrees.
  • Xilinx, Altera, Freescale and Broadcom lead times, which were already widening, are definitely becoming an issue -- especially for Broadcom, which has been experiencing a number of issues recently.
  • Microsemi nonmilitary diodes lead times, which were already long, are now stretching out from 18 to 30 weeks.
  • We are tracking preliminary indications that Dialight LEDs may be the next problem area, with some lead time reschedules just very recently surfacing.
  • ROHM has recently announced that a significant number of its resistors have been placed on allocation as well.
  • Last, Converge is tracking an increase in activity for On-Semi, Maxim, National, Pulse and Fairchild components.

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