October 29, 2009

Converge expands Reverse Supply Chain Services

The market may have stabilized, but demand by manufacturers to streamline their reverse logistics operations is skyrocketing. To meet this challenge, Converge recently expanded our global processing center and hired additional supply chain professionals in all phases of the business. This expansion has increased our overall capabilities to meet growing demand by major technology manufacturers to control costs and boost the efficiency of their service and repair operations.

Our new laboratory in Peabody, MA is ultra-modern, combining the security and specialization required by our customers with thorough electronic components service, repair, storage and shipment services around the world. The lab is complete with testing equipment and protocols identical to the testing schemes of the leading ODMs.

Management of reverse logistics can be a significant cost for large electronics companies. Reverse supply chain partners provide enormous value handling unsold and returned products by establishing just-in-time electronic parts procurement services which streamline service inventories and manage product returns more efficiently.

The link to vendor-managed inventory (VMI) provides more information about these services, and details about the new expansion can be found here.

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