October 15, 2009

IC shortages and extended lead times continue

Converge Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits Update.

The integrated circuit market has remained fairly consistent over the past month. Spot shortages and extended lead times are continuing for most of the manufacturers that experienced problems in September.

Converge is currently tracking parts that might experience shortages and delays in the following areas:

  • There has been some slight movement in lead times on TI DSPs, TPS series of Converters and SN74 Logic series out to 20–21 weeks.
  • Capacitor shortages are continuing with Murata Ceramic High CV caps and AVX tantalum caps leading the charge.
  • Broadcom has begun to deliver on some of its BCM5 series Ethernet Controller’s, but others still are causing delivery issues for the company’s customers.
  • Anticipated shortages on Dialight LEDs have yet to materialize, but we have seen increasing tightness on Pulse "H" series of Magnetic Transformer Modules and Microsemi is still having shortages on both military and non-military diodes.
  • ST Micro also has started to see some extended lead times, but there are no new concerns for On Semi, Maxim, National and Fairchild.

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