December 16, 2009

Texas Instruments (TI) Data Converters (TPS) Logic series (SN74) and OP Amps (OPA) still the hottest parts in the market

Converge Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits Update.

Shortages and extended lead times trouble the market.
The market is settling into a consistent pattern of spot shortages and extended lead times, being driven by the following:

  • Texas Instruments (TI) Data Converters (TPS) Logic series (SN74) and OP Amps (OPA) are still some of the hottest parts in the market right now, with lead times extending 18-20 weeks on most products. National Semi appears to be the best option on competing lines, with lead times remaining at 8-12 weeks. However, On Semi and ST Micro are both facing allocations on some of their competing lines, which may further impact lead times.
  • Lead times on Altera PLDs have stabilized at 8-16 weeks.
  • TI and Freescale DSPs are still short, with Freescale lead times out to 14-16 weeks and some of the TI products out as far as 28 weeks. There looks to be no loosening of this supply well into 2010.
  • MCU lead times are extending across all manufacturers, with widespread allocation a possibility. TI’s MSP430 line is experiencing lead times over 22 weeks while Atmel, Infineon, and Freescale are pushing 20 weeks.
  • On Semi MBR(S) diodes have hit lead times up to 24 weeks, and prices on some parts have risen dramatically.
  • There are strong indications that the significant increase in demand we have been tracking over the last quarter will continue at least into the second quarter of 2010. Allocations on some products will likely occur, and customers need to be very attentive toward any rescheduled delivery dates from manufacturers.

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  1. Analog Devices maintains top service, and our lead times are short and steady. ADI has invested in its manufacturing infrastructure to keep it this way, and we maintain our supply chain to achieve lead times in the 4- to 8-week range for most products. In fact, 95% of products shipped are within the 4- to 6-week range. As of Dec 15, 2009, ADI has standard and stable lead times for converters and amplifiers in the 6- to 8-week range, and power management products at 6 to 10 weeks.