January 13, 2010

Converge advises caution regarding semiconductor demand

Converge Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits Update.

Finding a consistent pattern of shortages and extended lead times.
The market is settling into a fairly consistent pattern of shortages and extended lead times, which is being driven by the following factors:

  • The Texas Instruments (TI) shortages on Data Converters, Logic and Op Amps (discussed last month) are continuing, although TI has been able to meet some of its data converter deliveries sooner than expected.
  • Lead times on Altera programmable logic devices (PLDs) and TI and Freescale digital signal processing (DSPs) remain unchanged, as do those of multi-manufacturer microcontrollers (MCUs).
  • Tightness is continuing in the diode market and has returned on some Infineon voltage regulators as well as Tyco high-density connectors.
  • Now that lead times seem to be settling into some consistency, the severity of material shortages over the next several months will be determined by demand levels. Although demand forecasts are still guardedly optimistic coming out of the holidays, there are enough questions surrounding the global economic recovery to warrant caution.

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