January 13, 2010

FedEx introduces its first Boeing 777

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In January FedEx will put the first of an upcoming fleet of Boeing 777 freighters in the air. FedEx will be the first carrier to put the now-largest freighter into circulation. FedEx has 15 more of these crafts on order to create the largest global fleet. Other airlines with 777 freighters on order or in testing include Emirates SkyCargo and Air France.

"This is quite a machine. For those of you who don't know, this airplane will fly 6,000 nautical miles with almost 100 tons of payload, which means it's going to revolutionize our system; we'll be able to leave later [and] give our customers more processing time. We'll burn about 18% less fuel; the airplane makes less noise so it will also be good for our environment," stated FedEx chairman, president and CEO Frederick W. Smith during the October homecoming event introducing the B777F to the Memphis team.

The first plane in the fleet is named Saad after the son of a Newark terminal employee. FedEx held a company-wide contest to name the plane.

As FedEx is Converge's primary small-package carrier, we are looking forward to later cutoffs and lower FSCs (fuel surcharges) as the fleet is fully onboarded.

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