March 17, 2010

DDR2 module pricing rebounds while DDR3 is in short supply

Converge Memory Update.

After a three-week decline in 2 GB DDR2 module pricing, the market rebounded slightly in the first half of March. Spot market pricing dropped below $40 for a brief period, but has since settled back in the low $40s as box builders have taken advantage of the low pricing. Converge believes that DDR2 pricing will remain stable to slightly up over the next month. There’s still plenty of demand for DDR2 memory to support another uptick in pricing over the next 2 to 3 months.

DDR3 remains stable ahead of what many believe will be the busy season as the industry heads into the second quarter. As previously stated, Converge believes the DDR3 module market will experience shortages before the second half of 2010 approaches. Although there is product in the spot market, quantities are not significant and could easily be consumed through a couple of large orders, leaving the market with a shortage. As we head further into 2010, there will be a higher adoption rate for DDR3 memory, which could add to the impending supply strain.

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