March 17, 2010

Intel Arrandale processor shortages may have manufacturers scrambling

Converge CPU Update.

The shortage of the Intel Arrandale has arrived.
In February the long-awaited shortage of the Intel Arrandale processor arrived, while the desktop market was quiet as we waited for the new Intel I7 high runners to emerge.

February tends be an unusual month, as the Chinese New Year disrupts much of the production and supply to the CPU market. This year was no different, as the first half of the month passed with barely a ripple in the CPU market. Consequently, a flurry of preholiday demand saw OEMs stocking up on the older end-of-life technology, T6s, E2220s, T4s, P87s, etc., while manufacturers appeared to adopt a wait-and-see approach to the new processors currently available on the market.

Perhaps this cautious wait-and-see approach was ill-advised. February closed with shortages on the lower-end off-road-map Arrandale mobiles. The I3-330M, I3-350M, and I5-430M processors staggered into allocation and have remained steadfastly so as of the writing of this article.

Also, we are tracking cost-savings opportunities with I7-920, I7-820, and I5-650 processors with interest. In addition, the AMD Opteron server parts are creating attention, with cross-regional pricing gaps being significant and the 2435 and 8439 SE selling at 20%+ below their list prices in February.

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