March 3, 2010

On-site shredding ramps up with new technology

Customers who use our on-site data destruction service appreciate the extra security and convenience of having a fully-equipped shredding truck deliver data destruction capabilities right to their door-step. And now the on-site destruction services are even better.

We’re pleased to be able to offer a new, state-of-the-art truck that can shred 500 – 600 assets per hour. I recently saw it in action and my first impression was how quiet it is compared to past generation shredders. But even with the lower noise level and high-tech interior, you may choose to watch the destruction process on live video feed from the comfort of your office. The entire interior is monitored by security cameras. You’ll see each asset barcode scanned, then dropped into the shredder, and the shredding gears as they grind up the material into cornflake-sized pieces. If the pieces are too big, they are automatically forced to be re-processed until they are small enough from a data security standpoint.

When all your assets have been destroyed, you’ll get the video on DVD and a spreadsheet listing each scanned asset, plus Converge’s Certificate of Recycling. The tiny shreds are then further processed into grain-sized particles and properly recycled in the U.S., completing the full ITAD process.

IT asset disposition has never been easier or more secure. I’d like to hear what you think. Are on-site destruction services overkill, completely necessary for corporate security or somewhere in between?

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