April 14, 2010

DDR3 price gap narrows between spot and contract pricing

Converge Memory Update.

Spot market activity for DDR2 and DDR3 modules has been light while contract pricing continues to rise. Open market pricing has also remained stable with 2 GB DDR2 PC800 trading in the high $40s and 2 GB DDR3 PC1333 in the low $50s. DDR3 spot pricing has been stable for several weeks; however, with several contract price increases the gap between spot and direct is narrowing.

Demand continues to be robust for Micron memory, especially SDRAM and DDR1. Micron lead times appear to be getting longer for most SDRAM PC1333 product, and while the spot market has been an avenue of supply, pricing has been at a premium. For those users who have Samsung approved as well as Micron, product is available and pricing has been much more favorable for comparable configurations.

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