April 29, 2010

Three IT asset disposition differentiators

Recently, I posted a blog about how to evaluate and choose an ITAD provider. The advice provided is a good jumping off point to help clear the field of companies that aren't quite the right fit. The next logical question, once you've created your shortlist, is how do you differentiate between providers? There are numerous ways to measure one vendor against another but three key differentiation points always seem to rise to the top.

First, look at geographic reach. Are they a local provider, a national provider, or can they provide ITAD services on a global basis? If your locations are only in the U.S., it won't really matter if the ITAD provider can provide services around the world. If, however, your organization has offices in various parts of the world, you will certainly want to consider a single vendor who can offer one ITAD process for all your locations. The standardized process will save time and offer increased liability protection.

Second, what are their reporting capabilities and are they convenient for you. The most advanced ITAD providers have developed online systems with complete transparency into the entire end-of-life IT asset disposal process, from pickup to final disposition. If you want to know when an asset arrived at its destination, you should be able to log in and find that information. You'll also want to make sure the reports that you want are available, that you can sort the data multiple ways and view and print certificates of recycling and destruction.

And third, find out about the ITAD vendor's remarketing capabilities. Chances are, not all of your equipment destined for disposal is e-waste. Your provider should be able to remarket the equipment that still has reuse value to help you recover some of your initial investment. How experienced are they, and how extensive is their network? Are they only able to remarket complete systems or do they have the ability to generate residual value through de-manufacturing and selling viable components?

The decision of an ITAD provider is not one that's taken lightly. Converge's customers come to us with laundry lists of questions and requirements and we wouldn't have it any other way. I want to make sure each customer has complete confidence in our abilities. In the end, you are handing over some of your most sensitive information to this vendor. Make sure it's an organization you trust.

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