June 29, 2010

Top three ways to increase IT asset residual value

Cost controls can be an important part of an IT asset disposal (ITAD) program, with cost-mitigation techniques often enabling the program to pay for itself. One of the most practical approaches taken is the remarketing of retired equipment, which is not only a green initiative, but also one that helps mitigate IT disposal costs.

Remarketing can return significant capital to your organization, especially if your equipment or components have residual value. Value is directly related to the assets’ age and condition, but there are other factors that you can influence to increase their net worth and the overall return rate. Here are the top three ways you can save money and help increase the value of your equipment even before it reaches your IT asset disposition partner:

1. Keep detailed records.
If you don’t know what equipment you have, you can’t anticipate the remarketing value or apply a strategy to your remarketing efforts. Plus, a thorough list of retired assets can decrease your ITAD vendor’s reconciliation costs and will provide extra security if there are ever discrepancies.

Make it a policy to catalog information such as manufacturer/model, hard-drive capacity, memory configuration, CPU type, optical drives and other relevant information.

2. Pack units yourself for safe shipping.
Logistics preparation, including packing and palletizing, is one of the biggest expenses incurred in the proper disposal of assets. Simply packing your equipment prior to pickup could reduce freight costs by 50 to 90 percent. And some ITAD companies, Converge included, will send preconfigured packing kits to clients to make the process extremely simple.

3. Keep machines clean and in working order.
Equipment that needs to be tested, screened and repaired will draw away value, and in the end it may even be cost-prohibitive to remarket. When machines are properly maintained and serviced throughout their life cycles, your ITAD partner will be able to remarket them easily, providing the best return opportunity. The end result is a greater return from your investment.

Start today by implementing even just one of these strategies. You’ll immediately start to save money and maximize the value of your end-of-life IT assets.

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