November 17, 2010

Third-party certification still not an IT asset management requirement

I attended the 2010 E-Scrap Conference for the first time this year, and I was honored to present my projections about trends in enterprise IT asset disposition and its impact on the e-scrap market.

It was a well-attended conference, with participants from large corporations and manufacturers, IT asset management and e-scrap providers, and government and certification bodies. The hot topic on everyone’s discussion list was industry certifications, which were represented quite well at the conference. It quickly became apparent that organizations are paying close attention to the evolving certifications, but are not rushing to endorse any particular one yet. Rather, most companies are taking a wait-and-see attitude to let the standards develop before starting down the path to certification.

At this point, a third-party certification is not required to conduct business in the IT asset management space. But it soon might be, and clearly people are looking at the core business requirements of these certifications to determine which ones fit their organization.

Enterprise organizations have a significant amount of influence in the industry certification race. The business requirements they set could draw a line in the sand for providers wishing to partner with them. For our part, Converge has always had the required ISO certifications and a no landfill/no export policy. We also anticipate achieving the R2/RIOS certification in spring 2011.

If you attended the E-Scrap Conference, I’d love to hear your opinion as well.