April 13, 2011

X-ray Vision: Leading the Way in Electronic Component Supply Chain Quality Initiatives

At Converge, we are always looking to enhance our inspection and testing capabilities with technology.
As an established independent electronics distributor, it is a necessity for us to take extra care with components originating from the open market.
Recently, I have read several articles citing estimates that up to 10 percent of global technology products are counterfeit, equating to roughly $27 billion in product sales worldwide. Numbers like that can be frightening to electronics manufacturers, who could face serious damage to both their reputation and their bottom line if they unknowingly purchase counterfeit or substandard components on the open market. I can certainly understand their concerns. In fact, this is precisely why Converge takes quality control so seriously.

To ensure that every part we sell is 100 percent authentic, Converge has invested in the most advanced technologies available for electronic component inspection and testing services. Not only do our highly trained, in-house component engineers microscopically inspect a sampling of every part number purchased by date/lot code, we also use X-ray and decapsulation machines to view inside components to eliminate potential non-conformance. Much like an X-ray exam you might have at the hospital, our X-ray machine allows us to verify that everything that should be inside a component is there and intact.

If we need an even closer look, we can remove the top of a component with our “decap” machine. This gives us a magnified view of the interior of the circuit and enables us to confirm that the die matches the component, when needed. Not having to outsource these inspection services also helps us provide customers with faster delivery TATs.
Converge is one of only a handful of electronics distributors in the world who have this kind of testing capability in-house. These state-of-the-art machines require a significant financial investment and a highly trained internal inspection team.

I believe that our willingness to continually invest in technology and detection methods demonstrates Converge’s commitment to preventing counterfeit parts from making it into our supply chain. And after 30 years as an independent component distributor, we have the quality record to back that claim.

Counterfeiters continue to get more sophisticated, so electronic component distributors simply have to “up our game.” Converge has done it, and we will continue to use our “X-ray vision” to lead the way in the quality initiatives of the future.

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  1. Yes you are right Dwight. In this new era, as a distributor, we have to up our game to become a leading distributor. Remember that technology will keep growing.