June 15, 2011

Expert Engineers: Another Piece in the Quality Puzzle

At Converge, we are committed to ensuring the quality of every single electronic component lot that passes through our facility.

Recently, we have been using the Converge blog to explain some of the ways that we do this, from our advanced quality testing methods to our vendor screening and management program. Now I’d like to tell you about one more extremely important layer of defense: our expert electronic component engineers.
Every inventory lot that comes through Converge facilities undergoes a 76-point inspection process. This begins with our front line inspectors who check to make sure that the part numbers, manufacturer, quantity, date codes, and physical condition are exactly what were ordered. Then, the lots are further inspected by a skilled component engineer. Our engineers are the expert eyes that spot even the tiniest details that would qualify a component as “substandard.” They are a critical part of our quality process and line of defense.  

That is why Converge only hires certified engineers with a bachelor’s degree and three years of field experience, or an associate’s degree with five years of field experience. Upon joining Converge, they undergo an extensive training process that includes learning the detailed steps in the Converge electronic component inspection process from one of our tenured component engineers.

Among other credential and training requirements, Converge engineers are required to:

-Pass the IDEA-ICE-3000 Certified Professional Inspector exam within 90 days of hire, and be recertified every two years
-Be certified to ANSI ESD 20.20 – 2007 standards
-Attend ongoing Counterfeit Electronic Component Avoidance Workshops (CCAW), which highlight the latest counterfeiting trends in the marketplace
-Attend ongoing Measurement System Analysis training

In addition, many of our non-engineer inspectors go through the same training and certifications. In fact, Converge has more IDEA-ICE 3000 certified inspectors than any other IDEA member company – a fact that makes us proud. Every certification, every training course, and every electronic component engineer is a significant investment for our company. But we feel that these are investments that must be made in order to protect our customers’ supply chains and deliver the quality they expect and the peace of mind they deserve.

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