November 23, 2011

Download Free Shortage Market White Paper

Sooner or later, every technology-driven company will face an electronic components shortage. After all, the only predictable thing about the electronics supply chain is that it’s unpredictable. So how can manufacturers keep production lines moving when needed parts are not flowing through the typical distribution channels? That is one of the topics explored in the Converge white paper “Finding Components in a Shortage Market.”

      This brief white paper also answers the most common questions about navigating the potential pitfalls of widespread supply chain disruption and allocation, including:
      • What are the risks associated with shortages?
      • What capabilities should you look for in a shortage inventory partner?
        If you prefer podcasts to white papers, then listen to our informative conversation with industry expert Scot Hennessey, Converge Director of Sales for the Americas, as he offers insight on “What You Need to Know About a Shortage Market.”

        Supply chain disruptions in the electronic components industry may be a reality, but that doesn’t mean they have to derail your business. Partnering with a trusted independent distributor can give your company a significant edge when it comes to procuring shortage electronic parts and protecting your supply chain from unwelcome interruptions.

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