April 4, 2012

New Converge Podcast: Quality Assurance in the Independent Market

How can you be sure that you are getting true assurance of quality when procuring electronic components in the independent market? That’s the topic of a new podcast available on the Converge website. Counterfeit prevention is a hot topic that everyone in the electronic components industry is talking about. In a Q&A session highlighting some of the most commonly asked questions, Converge supply chain expert Scot Hennessey addresses issues such as these: 
  • What has led to the rising concern about counterfeit components? 
  • What is the real risk from substandard parts in the independent market? 
  • What steps does Converge take to provide quality assurance for its customers? 
  • What should manufacturers look for in an independent electronics distributor they can trust? 
Managing a supply chain is a challenging job. Not only are you responsible for keeping production lines moving, but you are also responsible for protecting your brand reputation. To learn more about keeping substandard parts out of the electronics supply chain, listen to “Quality Assurance in the Independent Market."

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