December 12, 2012

Five Reasons to Partner with Converge in Brazil

Millions of consumers in Brazil’s emerging middle class are now entering the market for personal computing and related technology. In addition, the upcoming World Cup (2014) and Summer Olympic Games (2016) have spawned the investment of billions of dollars in infrastructure. If you are a technology manufacturer or service provider, you are likely exploring ways to capitalize on such opportunities in a competitive marketplace. Converge can help you realize your goals.

Connecting the dots between global component inventory and end-user demand is at the core of what we do. So whether you are a manufacturer looking to recover value from excess inventory or are looking for a reliable supplier with Tier-1 pricing, Converge is a global market leader.

Here are five good reasons to partner with Converge in the Brazilian electronics market:

  1. Converge is a proven and reliable supplier to the Brazilian market – and has been for over 20 years.
  2. Converge provides access to unique channels of supply. Our strong global presence allows you to expand your purchasing power far beyond national borders.
  3. Converge has the ability to import to Brazil through partnerships in Sao Paulo, for those who do not have an import license.
  4. Converge has experience with many of the Brazilian customs regulations and the associated paperwork. Doing it right the first time may save precious time and money.
  5. Selling and exporting excess inventory to Converge allows you to not only recover value from aging inventory, but it also may allow you to reclaim a portion of the importation tax.
If you are currently in Brazil or are looking at entering this growing market, contact us. We’ll review your current situation and outline potential opportunities for your organization.