January 16, 2013

2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Reflect Positive Feedback

A few months ago, Converge conducted its annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, which many of you, our customers, received. For those who participated, we would like to thank you for taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback. Your comments and suggestions allow us not only to measure our processes but also to improve on our performance and services as an independent distributor.

It’s no secret that the majority of our customers rely primarily on franchise/authorized distributors for their supply chain needs, but like everything else, the market has its ups and downs — and that’s when Converge steps in with our market intelligence and global logistics. As an established independent distributor, we are able to source electronic components from reputable vendors around the globe as well help you recover value from your inventory in times of excess.

No wonder our customers ranked “ability to locate product” as the number one motivating reason to partner with Converge. And why a majority of our customers said they would continue to partner with us for their component shortages needs first and surplus inventory second.

In addition, our customers indicated they were satisfied with Converge’s overall performance, our knowledge of product(s), and their sales experience with us. But most importantly, they were pleased with the level of quality we provide making our quality inspection process still the most important factor when choosing to partner with Converge.

So we asked our customers more specifically about our quality inspection process, and once again the feedback was very positive: The quality of product, whether customer requirements were met, accuracy of orders, and communication/reporting were overwhelmingly better than or as expected.

Even though Converge continues to receive praise for our market expertise, sales process, and quality management programs, we are still of a firm belief that there is always room for improvement.

And as pleased as we are with the results from the survey, we will always be committed to the continual improvement of our processes and services year after year. No distributor is perfect, but that being said…we will be looking into areas where we can not only excel, but also offer our customers additional value-added benefits.

For more information on the Converge’s suite of services, visit our website.

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