March 27, 2013

Global Converge Leaders in APAC: Meet Eric Wu

Continuing with our Global Leaders blog series, we introduce you to Eric Wu, Converge’s Global Business Leader in the APAC region. 

Meet Eric Wu, Global Converge Leader in APAC


Q: Tell us a little about what you do at Converge. Is there something that you specialize in for the company?

A: My title is Director of Sales in APAC for South Asia. My responsibilities include managing our regional sales team, daily sales activity and tactical operations. I work closely with my regional managers to support and strengthen each regional sales team, identify the potential markets and expand business.

Q: What region do you primarily serve?

A: I primarily serve South Asia, including Asean, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and India.

Q: How long have you worked at Converge?

A: I have been with Converge a little over ten years. I spent the first five years in Shanghai and the past five years in Singapore.

Q: Tell us a little about your background. What career path led you to Converge?

A: I joined Converge in OEM sales in Shanghai ten years ago. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work in a few different roles while at Converge: seller, buyer, regional manager, commodity manager and now sales director. The experience has allowed me to study this niche market from several different perspectives. I would also like to mention that prior to joining Converge I was in charge of procurement with a local PC maker in China.

Q: What services does Converge offer in your region?

A: As a global company, we offer the same shortage, surplus and quality management services to all APAC clients as we do in EMEA and the Americas. We not only help our customers source those hard-to-find, end-of-life (EOL) and NPI parts to keep their production lines running smoothly, but we also provide custom-built solutions to assist in the disposal of their surplus materials. We do all this through our Converge platform and with our quality inspection process providing customers peace of mind.

Q: How does the APAC market differ (if at all) from the rest of the world? Do you focus more on any specific services or technologies?

A: Yes, the APAC market does differ a bit, mainly because it encompasses many countries with different cultures, languages and business etiquettes. Converge is able to address these differences through seven regional offices with local staff available to prospect and serve customers every day. Another difference is that Asian customers not only tend to be more sensitive to pricing, but they are also typically well educated about the electronics market.

Converge is at a great advantage to be able to source with our established presence in APAC. Our strong commitment to quality allows us to offer the same services and technologies worldwide.

Q: What else should our readers know about Converge? How can they learn more about our services in APAC?

A: The electronics industry is a fast-paced, growing and constantly changing market. APAC electronics companies are facing shortages and surplus concerns every day. Converge APAC is a leading independent distributor with the ability to provide customers one-stop total solutions, such as EOL and NPI sourcing, mass production shortage sourcing, and surplus inventory recovery solutions.

With a global footprint and an integrated worldwide network, Converge’s sourcing radar covers every corner of the globe, providing 24/7 seamless support.

Furthermore, Converge fully understands how important quality is to the customers and the supply chain. All the electronic products shipped by Converge must go through a stringent quality assurance procedure complete with on-site multi-point inspections.

Q: Anything else you would like to share? Tell us about your family, favorite hobbies, etc.

A: I am happily married, with a lovely daughter. I enjoy reading, watching movies and playing badminton in my leisure time. After moving to Singapore, I started jogging not only for the exercise but also because it allowed me to make so many new friends.

Thanks, Eric!

If you would like to talk to Eric about how Converge can help your company in APAC or to get some pointers in badminton, feel free to contact him at

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