March 13, 2013

New Converge Podcast: Protecting Customers Through Quality Management

How does Converge protect its customers from receiving substandard components? That’s the topic of discussion in a new podcast titled “Protecting Customers Through Quality Management” which is now available on the Converge website.

All of our customers are secure in knowing that partnering with Converge for their electronic component needs provide them peace of mind. But, how exactly does Converge provide that assurance?

In this new podcast, we will be talking with our quality experts Ron Wiggins and Dwight Gerardi about why it’s so important to partner with an independent distributor that has an established quality inspection program, some of the risks involved when you don’t, and you’ll even get a glimpse on how the quality management program actually works at Converge. Ron and Dwight will discuss their roles at Converge as well as our commitment to quality improvement and the type of equipment used.

They will also answer questions about what goes into our step-by-step inspection process and what happens if a discrepancy is found in a component. Protecting our customers and the supply chain from substandard parts is something we strive for every day and in every single transaction. It’s what we’ve built our reputation on and sets us apart from the competition.

To learn more about how our quality management process helps protect our customers and the supply chain listen to “Protecting Customers Through Quality Management”.

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