May 28, 2013

Converge Reaches Across Industries

Technology has come so far so fast it’s now hard to imagine any industry or product that does not have a need for some type of electronic component. Everything we seem to touch and utilize in our modern day contains some type of board, processor, chip, sensor or switch. With the ongoing advancement of technology, the need for suppliers/distributors becomes obvious.

Although some suppliers have established a reputation and have been around for decades, not all independent distributors are the same. Some specialize in certain components for specific industries, and others may supply parts only for a particular finished product. But no matter what type of component, product or industry they supply, all distributors have one thing in common; They all must procure their parts from manufacturers or vendors somewhere in the world.

Procurement of a part requires a company to have a reliable source — a vendor that has been vetted, approved and has established an ongoing relationship. That vendor must be depended upon to provide the highest-quality parts regardless of the industry or product.

And it doesn’t stop with having just one trusted and reliable source. A distributor with global reach in a supply chain is expected to have a variety of approved vendors across all industries. This provides customers with the best surplus remarketing solutions and with the most options for the timely fulfillment of parts, especially in a shortage market.

Managing a list of reliable and approved vendors across all major vertical markets is no easy task; a distributor should have some type of vendor management or quality control processes in place to maintain a database of approved vendors, monitor vendor performance and track orders.

Converge not only has the established global partnerships and standardized processes in place but we also have over three decades of market intelligence experience procuring components in industries such as Computers and Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, Home Energy, Industrial Automation/Embedded, and Telecommunications as well as some of the higher-reliability markets. These industries represent some of the fastest-growing segments of the electronics industry, with demand fluctuations that are most often dependent on existing market conditions.

For example, the Telecommunications market may have a history of high demand for network processors and modem chips, whereas the Computers and Peripherals market may have had a higher demand for CPUs and LCDs.

But no matter how the specific demand or requirement varies depending on the product, volume, end user or regulations, Converge understands that our customers need the latest parts quickly to continue meeting the challenges of these growing markets and evolving technology.

Regardless of the part or industry, we are the trusted sourcing partner you can depend on.

For more information on the industries we service and/or the components we supply, contact us.

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