July 23, 2013

Converge’s Global Operations Team

When you think of a global operations team, you might envision a tactical military operations team preparing for a mission that includes various functions such as: strategizing, reporting, analyzing, researching, and/or observing.

At Converge, our Global Operations Team works in a very similar fashion, but in a business operations sense. Our Global Operations Team consists of three global leaders: Cannie Kok, Director of Commodities for APAC; Bobby Ireland, Director of Global Business Trade Operations; and Spence Huffstetler, Manager of NA Trade Operations. Each of them has a background and expertise that complement the team and provide operational diversity.

The Global Operations Team’s function is essentially to take a step back from the day-to-day electronic components sourcing and surplus management activities to measure the overall business objectives and establish specific goals for completion. By utilizing available tools to measure the current business objectives, the team is able to strategize on further market penetration and other growth opportunities. The team also ensures that the focus of the managers and directors is where it needs to be, relative to the market conditions.

The team is constantly monitoring and reporting on opportunities, sales, vertical penetration, and operational processes. One of its goals is to ensure that there are reliable procedures and consistent measurements in place to guarantee the integrity of the information being reported. Standardization of all business functions globally, across all our offices in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, is the ultimate goal. The team’s reporting provides the regional managers and directors with real-time information to guide the account representatives, traders, and account executives in various aspects of the business.

By leveraging the strengths of and capturing ideas from other regions, the Global Operations Team can implement specific ideas to assist in growing the business. This encourages an ongoing and open line of communication between regions and within departments.

Some of the other areas the Global Operations Team specifically manages are:

  • Cross-selling
  • IT initiatives – reporting tools, updating and developing software
  • Business metrics – reporting and tracking
  • Training – education and reorientation of processes and procedures that may not be seen on a daily basis
  • Vertical market penetration and opportunities
The Global Operations Team certainly has a full plate these days. And while it's difficult to define every single function the team will perform – because they deal with so many different aspects of the overall business – their mission will remain the same: continue to develop tools to improve our overall operations and communications while identifying and capturing new opportunities globally to expand business.

We are confident that having the Converge Global Operations Team in place will ensure Converge’s mainstay, reputation, and recognition for years to come.

For more information about Converge, please contact us info@converge.com.

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