July 2, 2013

Why a Converge Regional Office in Israel?

Over the past several years Israel has become a lucrative marketplace for some major high-tech companies, especially those in the telecommunications, medical and military industries – and many of these companies have been longtime business partners of Converge.

Converge saw opportunity in the Middle East long before this migration began and has been building relationships in this region since before 2003, which is one of the reasons why in 2007 the decision was made to officially establish a regional office in Herzliya, Israel.

Herzliya (population of just over 80,000) is a city located along the beautiful northern coastline of the Tel Aviv District in the industrial sector, only a 15-minute drive from downtown Tel Aviv. Most recently the area near the marina has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction, with its pristine beach, vibrant nightlife, and a variety of restaurants and shops providing this small city with some economic benefit.

Converge’s Herzliya office is currently staffed with Middle East Regional Manager Oren Gadel and Account Managers Ziv Rosen and Israel Biton. Our Herzliya office is primarily responsible for business in Israel, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

Some readers might be wondering if conducting business in the Middle East is any different than in other regions.

There is still that one-to-one personal approach that is preferred primarily due to the country’s size and culture. In this small city/industry everyone pretty much knows everyone, so if a distributor has not established a good reputation like Converge has it might be faced with some difficulty securing business. Customers in this region are educated about the technology in the marketplace and therefore expect the highest level of quality parts and services the first time around. Second chances are not common in this highly competitive market.

Converge is able to offer the same quality parts and services from our Herzliya office as we do and always have worldwide across all our corporate and regional offices. This is due to our secure vendor base, quality processes and integrated systems, not to mention our extensive market knowledge. Specializing in surplus inventory solutions and end-of-life, hard-to-find, and obsolete components is what makes us “best in class.”

Converge has been a consistent provider of surplus management solutions and electronic components shortages year after year, regardless of market condition or region. For us, we know that getting it right the first time saves you, our customer, both time and money.

Before we conclude, there’s one last piece of technology history that may not be common knowledge and that we would like to share with our readers. Did you know that the technologies of flash memory (disk on key) and instant messaging actually originated in Israel?


For more information on our regional office in Israel and the services we provide in that region, contact us at info@converge.com.

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