December 5, 2013

Where Did We Come From? A Look at Converge’s History

We’ve come a long way, baby…

When it comes to technology and innovation, 33 years is quite a long time.

Over three decades ago, before IBM launched its first PC and Apple launched its first Macintosh, the early beginnings of Converge had already started to take root. In 1980, a company called New England Circuit Sale was founded. Later renamed NECX, the company developed a unique database system for tracking and pricing electronic components. A few years later, its first proprietary electronic parts tracking system was released, thereby establishing the company in the industry with the first centralized electronics exchange.

The purpose of the database system and electronics exchange was to more accurately track and fulfill demands in the marketplace that up until that time had been almost nonexistent.

When the legendary parts shortage of the early ’90s finally subsided, the organization set the stage for future growth by expanding globally into Sweden, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

In 2000, an independent organization founded by 16 leading high-tech OEMs, contract manufacturers, component manufacturers, and distributors acquired NECX and renamed the company Converge. In 2004, Converge shifted its focus to trade business and launched an IT asset disposition (ITAD) division and a reverse supply chain solutions group. Also at that time, the organization further expanded its global footprint, opening offices in France, China, and Stockholm.

Not surprisingly, in 2007, Converge received media recognition by being named the largest independent distributor of electronic components in a ranking of the 10 largest companies in the industry. In addition, Electronic Business magazine listed Converge as the top independent distributor of electronic components and supply chain services in its annual “Top 25 North American Electronic Component Distributors” rankings.

In 2010, Converge became a subsidiary of Arrow Electronics. The corollary divisions known as ITAD-IT asset disposition and ReSolve - reverse supply chain division were reorganized according to service function under Arrow offerings.

Today, Converge is an Arrow Company and still a leading global supply chain partner for technology-driven companies. With Arrow’s backing and over 33 years of market expertise in shortage solutions and surplus inventory management, coupled with a rigorous 100+ quality inspection process, Converge has not only helped organizations manage their supply chain but has also reduced risks where electronic components distribution is concerned.

So when we say “we’ve come a long way,” that is an understatement.

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