February 12, 2014

Is There Anyone Listening?

Converge is listening...is your independent distributor?

For over 33 years, Converge has been establishing strong relationships in the electronics components distribution marketplace. With thousands of customers worldwide, we provide the very best supply chain solutions, an accomplishment of which we are very proud.

But how have we been able to accomplish this at such a high level?

Because of our longevity and tenure in this industry, we not only have established market knowledge and experience in comparison to other independents, but we also have learned to ask the right questions. Most important, we really listen to our customers.

Customers are typically looking for product availability, quality, pricing, and timely delivery but not always in that order. Converge determines the customer’s greatest and/or most critical needs. Sometimes, however, what’s most important is not necessarily the customer’s needs but rather what that customer’s customer requires.

Keeping this in mind, our team is tasked with capturing as much information as possible about our customers – their processes, industries, products, and supply chains – to uncover what led them to us in the first place. It’s also important to identify any supply chain challenges, priorities, or market conditions that could be affecting their business.

Some common questions we may ask include:

  • What types of processes are you running?
  • Would an inventory program help in terms of supply assurance?
  • What are some supply chain strategies your team may be looking to incorporate?
Once we determine their exact needs, Converge can quickly align resources (sales team, global network, marketing intelligence, and integrated systems) and services (shortages, surplus management, and quality process) to help fulfill those needs. Our customers can feel secure knowing that the suite of services we offer is flexible and can be leveraged to find the very best solutions for their supply chain pains.

We understand every customer is different and there is no cookie-cutter solution. Companies typically have specific supply/demand sensitivities that have to be considered when choosing to work with a new supply partner. And although asking the right questions is essential, Converge has learned that really listening to our customers is what forms that trusted relationship and keeps them coming back.

For more detailed information regarding our suite of services, please drop us a line at info@converge.com or visit our website, www.converge.com.

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