March 13, 2014

What Are Customers Saying About Converge?

As part of our continuous improvement efforts, Converge annually conducts a customer satisfaction survey to listen to the voice of our customers and learn what people are saying about us. This valuable information helps us improve not only all areas of our operations and sales, but also our quality inspection and validation programs.

Our blog readers recognize, from our previous blog posts on the adoption of 5S, a hosted Kaizen event, and our quality inspection process, that we are truly committed to providing our customers with the best products and services in the industry and to making their experience with us unparalleled.

It’s always great to receive positive feedback from our customers, but it’s equally important (if not more so) to learn of new areas where we can improve.

So, exactly what are our customers are saying?

  • An overwhelming number said they were satisfied or very satisfied with our performance as an independent distributor and they had an overall positive experience with us.
  • Customers continue to use Converge primarily because of our global sourcing capabilities for their shortage and obsolescence needs.
  • More customers are utilizing services in the hi-reliability markets (Aerospace, Military, and Medical).
  • The most important factors in partnering with us remain our timely delivery, our stringent quality, and our counterfeit detection processes.
Although we are pleased to learn that our customers continue to use us for our procurement capabilities and because of our commitment to quality, we know that it doesn’t end there.

Our goal is and has always been to provide the highest level of service. To accomplish this, we need to stay one-step ahead of the industry and competition by providing more value-added benefits to our customers and enhancements to our already established systems/networks.

As a leading independent distributor for over 30 years, we realize that improvements most often result in change, and change is not easy but certainly is a necessity in this ever-growing technology-driven market. Our customers are the ones who have kept us in the lead this long and helped us establish our reputation.

For those who participated in our survey this year and in years prior, we appreciate your time and valuable feedback. Your feedback will allow us to make improvements to our global reach/logistics, networked systems, vendor management, quality processes, and to expand on already standard benefits in our quest for continual improvement.

For more information on Converge’s suite of services, visit our website.

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