May 8, 2014

Customers Are Still Talking About Converge...

In a previous blog post, we discussed customer responses to some of the questions asked during our annual customer satisfaction survey. In this blog post we dig a little deeper into what our customers are saying about Converge and how invaluable their feedback is to us.

A customer satisfaction survey is an important tool we utilize in listening to the voice of our customers, because it covers many aspects of our business and focuses on customers’ experiences throughout the entire sales process (from initial contact to quote to product delivery).

Breaking the survey into four key areas helps us understand our customers’ feedback better:

And in these areas, the results of our survey showed:
  • Customers who partnered with Converge overwhelmingly did so because of our market expertise and brand recognition.
  • The majority of customers surveyed were motivated to partner with Converge because of our uncanny ability to locate product. 
  • A full 97% of our customers also said they would recommend Converge to a colleague.
  • Customers felt secure about our ability to procure a wide range of quality electronic components globally because of screened/approved vendors
  • Customers responded that they care about our above-industry-standard certifications that drive and enhance our rigorous quality inspection process.
  • Respondents look favorably upon our measured track record for timely delivery and quality products. 
Receiving positive feedback in these areas is certainly music to our ears, but we know there is always room for improvement. Being a leader in the electronic components distribution industry doesn’t come easy, but we’ve been working hard for over 30 years to perfect it.

And because listening to the voices of our customers and fulfilling their shortage or surplus needs comes first, we will continue to conduct annual surveys and maintain ongoing, open communication with all our customers.

We encourage you to provide us with additional feedback on your individual Converge experience; email us directly at

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