December 23, 2014

Home for the Holidays with Arrow

For many, the holidays evoke a special warmth, especially when families make that extra effort to come together to share experiences, remember their family ties and strengthen that bond.

For us at Converge, this year finds us closer to our Arrow family, with Arrow colleagues now sharing our Peabody facility and holiday spirit. A huge part of what makes us a “happy family” is our shared commitment to quality and our customers.

Our quality practices, certifications and affiliations work together to ensure our customers have the availability of quality products and services on which they rely. Converge continues to play a critical role in supply chain security for the electronics industry and provides a vital contribution to Arrow’s vision of Five Years Out.

Our belief is that the electronics industry is truly a global opportunity with endless possibilities. Combining Arrow’s global presence with Converge’s strategic locations means that together we’re able to service our customers wherever they are or wherever they need us.

Like Arrow’s Sam Car and the Arrow Value Recovery business’s DigiTruck, Converge works to give back to the community. For more than 15 years Converge has been working with Project Uplift, helping local North Shore Boston families in need. It’s just one more way we share Arrow core values. It’s really great to be part of a family that’s committed both to doing well and to doing good for others.

Happy holidays to everyone from us at Converge, a happy member of the Arrow family.