March 12, 2015

Converge Ensures High Reliability with AS6081

Nobody ever expects to receive a counterfeit part, but inevitably in the electronics components distribution supply chain, it can happen. And in high reliability industries like the medical, military, defense, and aerospace fields, where the ruggedness, reliability, and durability of these components are so critical, counterfeit parts can sometimes prove fatal. Electronic components typically utilized in this space must be able to withstand and perform in harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, moisture, dust, and dirt.

So there is no room for errors or failures. So in response to a significant and increasing volume of fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts entering the high reliability supply chain, posing significant performance issues, reliability and safety risks, the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) International, a global association of engineers and related technical experts, created the latest quality standard – AS6081, which was published in November 2012.

The intent of AS6081 – Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition is to help mitigate the risks of purchasing and supplying fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts and provide standardized practices and uniform requirements and methods for the high reliability industry related to:

  • Supplier management 
  • Procurement
  • Quality inspection
  • Testing/evaluation
  • Training Response strategies when fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts are suspected or confirmed
Since the release of AS6081, Converge has been working to become compliant with the standard, and training/audits for certification have been ongoing, as we mentioned in a previous blog post. Converge was certified to AS6081 on February 23, becoming one of the first independent distributors to be certified to this standard.

At Converge, reducing the risk of counterfeit or fraudulent parts leaving our facility is our ultimate goal as we remain committed to the highest quality standards in the electronics industry. For more information about AS6081 or our quality processes, visit our website.

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