May 26, 2015

Converge: Standing Strong in High Reliability

For anyone familiar with the electronics components industry, it’s no secret that the high reliability market has become much more demanding in recent years and is posing some challenges for independent distributors in this space.

When the high reliability market experiences obsolescence, suppliers naturally face the challenge of not only having to provide the needed electronic components in a timely manner, but also ensuring they meet certain specifications and outstanding quality requirements. An established standardized quality program backed by industry-leading certifications is what customers look for when partnering with reputable suppliers.

In November 2014, Converge unveiled Q360, a quality program incorporating a set of comprehensive quality inspection processes with one single goal – Perfection is the Standard. Although we’ve discussed Q360 quality in more detail in a previous blog post, we would like to outline how Q360 adds value to the products and services that Converge offers as it relates to high reliability:

Converge’s proven market intelligence and sound understanding of the high reliability market equal the perfect formula for creating more opportunities and efficient participation in the high reliability market supply chain. In addition, Converge holds the distinction of being one of only a few suppliers certified to AS6081, which we achieved on February 23, 2015.

In a recent blog post, we interviewed Francois Schultz, Regional Manager in EMEA with a focus on the high reliability market in this region and we will continue introducing additional experts and pioneers globally within Converge in the next series of blogs.

We will provide you with more details on why we think high reliability and obsolescence management are hot topics for the industry in 2015.

Stay tuned! Drop us a line for more information!