January 19, 2016

Meet Milly Guo, Global Converge Leader in APAC

Previously we highlighted Daniel Gentile in EMEA. Next in this Global Leaders blog series, we introduce you to Milly Guo, APAC Trade Director.

Q: Milly, what are your responsibilities at Converge, and how long have you worked here?

A: I have been with Converge for over 11 years. As APAC Trade Director, my primary responsibility is regional core business development in China, South Asia, India, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan by leveraging our extensive market expertise and established global partnerships. Additional responsibilities include research and utilizing local competitive resources to enhance Converge’s global electronic components sourcing capability.

Q: Tell us about your background. What career path led you to Converge?

A: I began my career working for a state-owned telecommunication company in China that sold equipment solutions, and I just happened to fall into this industry. I didn’t know much about electronics, especially ICs or memory, but in time I realized that the electronics industry was not that different from my experience in telecommunications. The only real difference was that the supply chain involved component-level solutions instead of finished equipment-level solutions.

Q: What areas in the China region do you primarily serve and where are your offices located?

A: APAC is a very large market. In China, we currently have four offices, located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Chengdu. We also have offices in Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, and India. Basically Converge is everywhere our customers are located.

Q: Can you tell us about the Converge staff and management in this region?

A: In APAC, our personnel includes sales, purchasing, component quality engineers, business support, commodity management, finance, and human resources allowing Converge to provide faster, more responsive, and professional support to our customers. Our team is young, energetic, and professional. They like to have fun but are also family-oriented and work very hard. We have established some great synergy and I am proud to be a member of this dedicated team.

Q: What services does Converge offer in your region?

A: Converge offers a full suite of services, including secure and reliable procurement of components during times of material shortages, solutions for obsolescence management, and remarketing inventory/surplus options. The goal is to provide flexible and customizable solutions for our customers. I would also like to highlight that we deliver these services with local currency transactions for regional customers that have no export and import authority.

Q: As an Arrow company, can you discuss partnership and support in regard to sales and services in the APAC region?

A: As an Arrow company, we work with other Arrow business groups to closely serve customers together as “One Arrow.” We can conduct co-visits, support unique customer needs, and maintain an open exchange of market information. The concept broadens our service portfolio and increases support to Arrow customers facing supply chain issues. It’s no longer stand-alone teams but rather a strategic alliance for customers as “One Arrow”.

Q: How does the APAC market differ (if at all) from the rest of the world?

A: The culture is very diverse in the APAC region, which is a major factor that every market player needs to recognize and take into consideration. The way business is conducted and the maturity of each market can vary a lot. To help customers, we established local teams in each of the 10 offices and hubs throughout the region. These teams have a thorough understanding of local culture and customs to better deliver local solutions.

Q: Do you see any specific services, technologies, or industries emerging in the market?

A: There is no doubt that technology remains a fast-changing industry The digital era and the Internet of Things (IoT) drive innovation and provides new opportunities. We have seen technology/projects like 4G, intelligent hardware, etc., begin to take their places as primary market drivers in almost every industry. All these changes create more customer requests for a higher standard of supply chain solutions to respond to market developments and new technology. On the flip side, they also drive us to reshape our core competence in sourcing capability and strict quality inspection processes to be a stronger leader in this industry.

Q: What can Converge offer customers in this region?

A: To play in this diverse and highly competitive market, it’s critical to provide a fast response and on-time delivery. Converge’s worldwide distribution network and global commodity teams have the expertise to maximize customer benefits and bridge their supply chain issues. Our rigorous quality control processes are the fundamental ingredients and key weapons in this ever-changing industry, helping eliminate potential risks from counterfeiting. Converge’s Q360 quality management system includes a zero-tolerance inspection process, certifications to latest industry standards, and a team of highly trained, IDEA-certified component engineers and inspectors.

Q: Thanks, Milly. Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself?

A: I am married and have a five-year-old daughter who brings my husband and me so much joy and keeps us very busy. So it’s no surprise that I enjoy spending most of my free time with her. But I also have some hobbies such as traveling, movies, reading, and trying new foods. I have recently developed an interest in sports and would like to become more involved going forward.

If you would like to contact Milly about how Converge can help your company in APAC, she can be reached at milly.guo@converge.com.

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