March 15, 2016

Converge Leads in Quality with AS9120 Certification

In the current market, if an electronic component distributor wants to supply parts/services to the high reliability market, it must be able to comply with the strictest quality, statutory, and regulatory requirements/standards in addition to being registered to the latest industry certifications just to maintain a reputable presence, never mind stay competitive.

However, the process of preparing, applying, and being audited for an industry certification can be quite time-consuming and a costly endeavor, especially for a distributor procuring parts for the aerospace and defense industries. A distributor must be willing to invest a considerable amount of time streamlining quality processes, providing additional employee training, and supplying the capital needed to become registered to a number of industry standards through an accredited registrar such as National Quality Assurance (NQA).

As an independent distributor that has demonstrated a commitment to quality every step of the way for over 35 years, Converge is pleased to have achieved certification to AS9120 as well as AS6081.

The AS9120 standard, “Quality Management Systems-Aerospace Requirements for Stockist Distributors,” includes ISO 9001 quality management system requirements and specifies 100 additional key requirements for a quality management system for the aerospace/defense industry. This standard also addresses chain of custody, traceability, control, and availability of records.

The AS6081 standard, “Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition – Distributors,” was created in response to a significant and increasing volume of fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts entering the aerospace/defense supply chain. The premise of AS6081 is to provide uniform requirements to mitigate the risks of purchasing and supplying fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts.

So what does this mean for our customers?

Converge customers can feel confident that we have been industry-certified in standardized practices and methods to consistently provide electronics parts that meet the strictest customer and statutory/regulatory requirements demanded by the aerospace and defense industries. We have established quality processes globally, ensuring the procurement of only the most highly reliable and quality parts from reputable sources, further proving our commitment to continuous improvement while reducing the risk of counterfeit or substandard parts entering the supply chain.

In addition, we have solid market expertise, integrated systems, and a global footprint to help our customers plan for shortages and obsolescence.

For more information on our most recent certifications and/or the services we can provide in your high reliability industry, contact us.

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