April 7, 2016

Why Is Converge Speaking Chinese?

China’s steadfast ability to keep up with technology advances over the past few years has
positioned China as the world’s largest manufacturing region for electronic products.

In the 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index published by Deloitte, China was once again ranked #1 in manufacturing, so it’s no coincidence that Converge recently announced the addition of the Chinese language to our website last month.

For a company to maintain a strong global presence, having a website to communicate in Chinese is essential. We believe it is not only highly efficient but also viewed as a sign of respect and commitment to the companies that operate in the region. Also, it’s interesting to note that over one billion (1.39B) of the world’s population is estimated to speak Chinese (all dialects), according to an article in the Washington Post last year.

Converge has always had a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region, with its main headquarters and distribution facility located in Singapore, a technology distribution center in Hong Kong, and three regional offices in China located in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai.

The addition of a new Chinese language website will further help support customers in this important and growing region. With faster access to a local team that understand the local culture and customs, companies in the region will benefit from secure sourcing of highest quality inspected products, flexible/customizable solutions for shortages/hard-to-find, surplus inventory and obsolescence management, with local experts that speak their language.

For more information on our products and services in the APAC region, visit the Converge website in either Chinese www.converge.cn or English www.converge.com

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