June 15, 2017

New Obsolescence Webinar – The Future of Obsolescence Management

Whenever I need to research something new, or a topic I’m unfamiliar with I turn to the internet. The information is free, and there’s a wealth of detail to choose from if something is too complex, or too long winded. The trouble with the internet is that there’s no real quality filter. How reliable is the data you’re looking at? When was it written and updated? Was it written primarily to advertise a product or service?

The other issue is that the data I find online is totally disconnected from my own experiences or capabilities. I can find any number of videos online that teach me how to renovate a bathroom – however the reality is that I’m dangerously poor at home maintenance.

In our industry, the internet is an absolutely indispensable tool for our day-to-day work but as I outlined in some detail in the Converge blog in late 2016 more data is not always the answer. Being able to contextualise this vital information is becoming more and more challenging. It’s especially challenging with such dangerous topics as counterfeit components in our supply chains.

With this in mind, SiliconExpert and Converge are jointly hosting a webinar covering data analytics, prevention of counterfeit ingress to your supply chain, solutions in the marketplace and quality focus from your suppliers. The webinar aims to show that while the incidence of counterfeit may rise, there are real-world coping strategies to reduce your risk of exposure, available today.

Please join our teams for this FREE webinar on 21st June for 60 minutes, starting at 1200 Eastern. Register now by clicking here.
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