July 30, 2018

Converge FOM Webinar Part 2: Data Intelligence and Obsolescence Management

Managing component obsolescence is not a new challenge and in recent years various solutions have emerged to help understand the enormous scope of work that it entails. Data services, “smart” PCN systems and all manner of consultancy firms are trying to bring component users answers.

However in most cases, obsolescence management is difficult and often falls to a single person who feels totally out of control. Obsolescence is usually thought of as a reactive, stressful, and time-sensitive activity, an event handled on a case-by-case basis that comes with a huge feeling of relief once a solution has been found.

Only after the solution has been applied does an organization move onto the next problem, the next solution, and the next obsolescence event.

But … what if we could start to harness the data available to us from our complex supply chains to make better decisions?

More data allows you to focus your resources” says Willie Brown, Director, Sustainment Services, Support Solutions at BAE Systems.

How can we move away from thinking of obsolescence as an event that happens to us, and treat it as an ongoing process that we change and improve over time and treat with intelligence across our network? What differences in focus, risk management, time management, and cash investment would this make for our organizations?

The second in our series of three Converge Data Intelligence and Supply Chain Security webinars focuses on exactly this: data intelligence and obsolescence management.

Join us , along with SiliconExpert and San Wong from GE, on August 15 at noon EDT (6:00 p.m. CEST / midnight SGT on 8/16/18) as we explore why data intelligence is important, how we can change the way we view our decision making, and what we can do, in practical terms, to improve our processes throughout – and for the benefit of – our entire supply chain.

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